Celia Seguí. 
The Spanish Lab manager and teacher.

My name is Celia Seguí and I am a native certified Spanish teacher with 18  years of  experience.  Teaching is my passion. I have a postgraduate degree in pedagogy for teaching Spanish. I also have a  degree in Drama and was a professional stage and TV actress for more than 10 years.
From 2001 to 2009, I ran my own language academy in Valencia, Spain. Then I moved to Viena where I lived until 2017 running another business and teaching Spanish. Now I am back in Valencia.
I am fluent in  English and German.


Ana María Blanco. Teacher of Spanish

 I am Ana María. I am half Spanish and  half Polish. I have a degree in Spanish and English Philology and  a master´s degree in translation.  I have taught Spanish online and face-to-face for nine years. 

Aside from Spanish and Polish I speak perfect English and can manage French and Italian.
I am based in Barcelona.


Priscilla Félix. Teacher of Spanish.

My name is Priscilla. Born to a Brazilian father and a Spanish mother I  grew up in Spain. Nowadays I live in Brazil. I have a degree in Spanish Philology and have been teaching Spanish both online and face-to-face in several language academies for eight years.

Ana Belén Martínez. Teacher of Spanish.

 I am Ana Belén.
I have a degree in Spanish Philology and a  postgraduate degree in pedagogy. I am specialized in teaching Spanish as a foreign language (ELE). 

I have been teaching Spanish since 2006 online and face-to-face. I have worked for different schools here in Spain, as well as in Greece and Russia. 

I live in Valencia now and am devoted to teaching Spanish to students worldwide.